Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Art Wynwood Part 6

Whisbe.  "Gummy Bear."  Germany
American Pop Art has influenced the whole world.  One of the examples from
Germany is Whisbe, who created the Gummy Bear as his main subject.  He creates
bears of resin, paints them in acrylic, photographs them, and more.  The Gummy Bear
is mischievous and sometimes gets arrested.

Whisbe.  "Gummy Bears."  Germany

Frank Hyder finds his favorite subject in fish, often koi.

Frank Hyder.  "Koi in Pond."  U.S.  Gold leaf.
Recently Frank has begun using gold foil to make the fish look even richer.

Boris Renjifo.  "Bird."  Bronze U.S.
Boris' exploration of the arts began when he was a virologist at Harvard Uiversity.
Art gradually took over his life, and he is now an artist full-time.

David Ramirey Gomez.  "The Eye."  Barcelona, Spain
David lives and works in Denmark, and he ofte deals with subjects of
dislocation, alienation, discrimination, and loneliness..

Flore.  "Basquiat."  Brooklyn.
Flore (Christopher Florentino) is a Brooklyn artist especially interested in the
life of the city and its inhabitants.  Jean-Michel Basquiat is sort of the patron saint
of such artists, and Flore here renders him homage.   The background is made up of
the words and brief messages he often includes in his paintings, like graffiti on the
walls of New York City and Brooklyn.

Flore.  "Life in new York."  Brooklyn.
Flore's works are meant to be partly humorous, partly cool, and to have a social

Flore.  "I Love New York."  Brooklyn.
Flore's works are widely used in advertising and to promote the city.

Hunt Slonem.  "Hop Bunnies."  Steel.  U.S.
Hunt Slonem is a Louisiana painter, sculptor, and printmaker.  He is
most famous for his works based on exotic tropical birds.  He maintains
an aviary at home of more than 100 exotic birds.  More recently, he has
begun using the form of the rabbit as a popular subject.

Hunt Slonem.  "Four Bunnies."  Louisiana.

Hunt Slonem.  "A Bunch of Bnnies."  Louisiana

Hijack.  Various Works.  French / American.
Hijack is the art-name for the street artist Jacques Guetta, the son of famous French filmmaker
turned street artist. Thierry Guetta.  Jacques began his career spray painting buildings and walls,
first in London and then in Los Angeles, where he became well known.  So well that he
is sometimes called "The artistic son" of Banksy, the British and most famous
street artist in the world.  Jacques is only 24 years old.  His father's street name is
"Mr. Brainwash."

Hijack.  "Your Best Teacher . . .   "  French / American

Hijack.  "Bubble Gum Girl."  French / American

Sam Tufnell.  "Mona Lisa."  American
Cast resin lit by recessed light.  Tufnell comments on the cheap reproductions of
Warhol works and Basquiat and of the Mona Lisa and others, which many consider art
and purchase.

Sam Tufnell.  "Heroes."  American.  Cast Acrylic.
Batman is one of the superheroes known to hundreds of millions of people, from
comic books and movies and television.

Pablo Atchugarry.  "Untitled / Red."  Steel.  Uruguay
Atchugarry is the most famous Uruguayan artist today.  He spends half the year in
the Carrara quarries of Italy selecting pieces of marble which he begins to work, and
the other half of the year in Uruguay, where he completes the works and also
works in steel.  Although very hard in material, his works look like soft drapery.

Victor Vasarely.  "Op Art."  Hungarian / French.
Although the canvas is perfectly flat, the manner in which Vasarely painted makes
it seem as if the form moves in and out and has depth to it.

Victor Vasarely.  "Op Art."  Hungarian / French.
Although the painting is perfectly flat, it appears to bulge out in the
center,because of the way Vasarely painted the segments.

Fernando Botero.  "Gato / Cat."  Bronze.  Colombia.
Botero is the most famous artist from Colombia these days.  He has
developed a style in both painting and sculpture in which his subjects
seem to swell out into very large proportions.

Pablo Picasso.  "Four Fish Plate."  Spanish / French.
Although Picasso was not a potter, he sometimes worked with potters and
designed works which they executed for him.  He enjoyed the challenge of the
medium different from paint and sculpture.

Pablo Picasso.  "Mask Dish."  Spanish / French.

Pablo Picasso.  "Toros - Vallauris."  Linocut 1958  Spanish / French
Picasso made prints in many forms although usually in his Cubist
style.  Vallauris was where he had a home and worked with potters.

Pablo Picasso.  "Two Glass Pieces."  Spanish / French.
In the South of France, where Picasso lived for many years, he worked with
craftsmen in a variety of media.   These are some of the pieces he designed for
his glass artisan friends from Murano to blow.

Zhuang Hong Yi "Sunset."  Chinese.  Rice Paper.
This work is 8 feet long and made up of hundreds of pieces of rice paper which have
be rolled and folded and dyed various colors before being attached to a background.
It is a very old Chinese art technique.

Monique Lassoij.  "Son of Modern Man."    Netherlands.
Monique is a Dutch artist who uses satire in her works.  This is a parody
of Rene Magritte's famous painting of "Modern Man," showing a man in bowler
 hat holding an apple.  Here the "Son of Modern Man" holds an Apple i-phone
and takes a picture of us.

Robert Bery.  "I Shop, Therefore I Am."  New York City
Bery spends six months of the year at a studio in the Hamptons.  He is fascinated and
yet perplexed by Hamptonians and their often shallow views.  This is a view of a
garden party in the Hamptons and of a shopping bag representing the main interest
if life and main activity for many Hamptonians.

Robert Bery.  "Guns and Roses."  New York City
This is another of Bery's satiric works.  The name suggest the famous musical group.
The black lines of the delicate roses are actually drawn with gunpowder, and if you
would hold a match to it,  the painting would explode and destroy itself.

Francisco Valverde.  "Yellow Stripe."  Venezuela.
The painting actually consists of the thickly applied acrylic paint, which is allowed to
drip off the bottom of the canvas.  I met Francisco, and he explained that he mustwait 6 hours
 after he applies each stripe until it dries, so that the colors do not run together.

Shepard Fairey.  "Imperial Glory."  U.S.
I had never heard of Shepard Fairey until I saw some of his great murals in
Wynwood, Miami.  Now I find his works in many art galleries, and he is commissioned 
by Miami City Ballet to do the sets for a new ballet, and he does much more.
He is strongly opposed to war as a method of solving problems.  Here the
"Imperial Glory" is not a variety of apple or peach, but a grenade.

Shepard Fairey.  "No Future."  American.

Shepard Fairey.  "Peace Guard."  Silkscreen.  American.
One of Shepard's most famous images is this one, prints of
which can be found in many galleries.

Shepard Fairey.  "Palace Power."  American.

Henrik Kersten.  "Red Turban."  Holland.  Photo.
One of the most famous of all paintings is "Man in Red Turn"
by 15 century Flemish painter Jan Eyck.  Here Kersten gives a new
interpretation to the famous work.

Manolo Valdes.  "Portrait of Vivianne."  Spanish.  6x8 feet.

Alec Monopoly.  "Monopoly Man."  California.
Alec Monopoly is a California artist who became obsessed with the
game and creates many paintings of the various characters and
game pieces in various situations.

Pablo Atchugarry.  "Untitled."  White Marble.  Uruguay.
Although carved out of very hard marble, the piece looks like the soft pleats of a curtain.

Robert Indiana.  Sculpture and Three Posters.  American.

Mr. Brainwash.  "Mickey."  French / American
Mr. Brainwash is the art name for famous French filmmaker turned street artist,
Thierry Guetta.  He uses immediately recognizable subjects in an urban setting.

David Ramirez-Gomez.  "Untitled."  Spain.

RETNA.  Sign.
RETNA is a street artists who has invented an artistic language
made up of symbols from Egyptian hieroglyphics, Arabic scripts, Hebrew lettering, 
and other forms he has created.


Art Wynwood Part 5

Joseph Grazi. "False Idol."  New York.
Grazi uses the lion form frequently as a symbol of strength, power, leadership,
and beauty.  He has named the lion "Cecil" in honor of the lion killed for fun by a
Minnesota dentist.

Tom Wesselmann.  "Red Fingernails."  Aluminum Maquette.  Pop Art.
These 12 inch high figures were a model for a much larger sculpture.

Keith Haring.  "Anti-Nuclear."  Litho.  Graffiti.
Keith Haring lent his street art skills to many causes, including the
anti-nuclear and anti-war movements.

Joan Miro.  "Four Colors."  Spanish.  Litho.

Roy Lichtenstein.   "Braatatata."  Two Prints.  14x16 in. each.  Pop Art
Lichtenstein used the print techniques of comics to make larger paintings and prints -
the large flat areas of color, strong outlines, and Ben-day dots were all cheap methods
of printing color used in comic books.

Lie Nay Tjien.  "Evolution."  Indonesia.  Silver and Mixed Media.
Lie is a very prominent sculptor and had a number of pieces at the show.  They are
often composed of hundreds of small pieces of stainless steel which are welded
together.  He works in Indonesia and Amsterdam.

Luis Lazo.  "Gael and Bloom."  Cuba.

Antonio Trotta.   "Four Whites."  Cuba

Lia Bermudez.  "Blue Wave."  Wall Sculpture.  Cuba.

Ewa Bathelier   "Summer Dress."  Polish.
Ewa was a scenic designer before she turned to art.  The tutu, in various colors,
represents femininity and innocence.

James McNabb.  "Circle."  Various Woods.  U.S.

Detail of james McNabb's "Circle" above.

 Fernando Cuetara.  "Harmony No. 7."  Folded Canvas.  Madrid, Spain.
Cuetara explores space, light and shadows, and relationships in this works of
folded canvas,  Each is slightly different and draws the viewer in for a closer look.

Claudio Roncoli.  "Yellow and Red."  Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Roncoli is a professor of painting in Bues Aires.

Christina Ghetti.  "Three Strokes."  Argentina-Spain.
Christina is an Argentinian painter working in Valencia, Spain.  She is
interested in geometric abstraction and the act of perception.  She
has begun to work with shaped canvases, which affect perception
on another level.  These are perfectly flat but shaped boards which appear
to be undulating because of the manner of painting.

Ismael Lagares. "A Pound of Puppies."   Seville,  Spain.  Pop Art
Lagares is a young painter and sculptor from Spain.  These figures, as well as his
paintings, which are quite three dimensional, are made of resin and acrylic color.
The color IS the object.

Christina Ghetti.  "Large Ripple."  Argentinian-Spanish.  Geometric-Abstraction.

Ismael Lagares.  "A Pound of Puppies."  Seville, Spain.
Each dog has a name -  Chispita, Duque, Pachuca, Rasia, Pingola, etc.

Luis Jimenez.  "Acacia Seed."  Corten Steel.  Cuba / Miami.
Jimenez was fascinated by the complexity and yet simplicity of an acacia seed, which
he found in his yard one day.

Stefano Bombardieri.  "Martha and the Elephant."  Italy.
Bombardieri is very concerned about the environment and endangered species.  He
has made a number of bronze sculptures, small or life-sized, of various endangered
species, including the elephant and rhinoceros.  Martha is his daughter,

Cundo Bermudez.  "Lady Sitting at a Table."  Cuba.

Edgar Negret.  "Golden Sun."  Steel.  Colombia.
Negret was the greatest Colombian artist of his generation, making large
abstract sculptures of steel for public settings all over the country.

Alec Monopoly.  "Mr. Monopoly."  Los Angeles.
Alec was fascinated by the Monopoly game and its figures and
markers.  He has created a whole series of large paintings
based on them.

BNS BNS.   "Menace to Society."  Buenos Aires, Argentina.
BNS (Mariano) is an Argentine-born and Brooklyn-based street artist.
He takes well known portraits, such as this of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo,
and approaches with a frenzied burst of color and dry humor.

BNS BNS.  "Audrey."  Argentina / Brooklyn.

Angelo Accardi.  "Misplaced Installation: Tribute to Keith Haring."  Salerno, Italy.
Accardi is one of the leading Italian Pop artists today.  He studied in Naples and Munich
and has been much influenced by New York Pop Art.   He has also gone through
periods of abstraction and figurative painting.

Chie Hitotsuyama.  "Roomful of Monkeys."   Japan.
Chie is a prominent Japanese Pop artist.  He inherited a large paper-making factory from
his parents, and he works there.  These figures are made of rolls of wet newsprint from
huge piles of old newspapers in the factory.  They are meant to be playful and fun.

Chie Hitotsuyama.  "Large Monkey."  Japan.  Old newsprint.

Sophie Ryder.  "Lady Hare with Dog."  England.  Bronze.
Sophie Ryder is perhaps England's most prominent contemporary
sculptor.  "Lady Hare" is one of her favorite figures.  Many
of her characters are combinations of human and animal.

Sophie Ryder.  "Couple."  England.  Bronze.

Sophie Ryder.  "Lady Hare and Dog."  Wire Mesh Sculpture on Wall.

Olga Tobreluts.  "Heart."  Russia.
Olga is a famous mixed media artist as well as painter.
Her installations with multiple tv sets were well-known.

Jacques LeBescond.  "Couple Sitting on Bench."  Bronze.  French.
LeBescond is one of the most prominent sculptors in France today.  The black and
white pieces is "Claire/Obscure" and the work in back is "Duo."

Jacques LeBescond.  "Carousel."  Bronze.  French.

Jacques LeBescond.  "Duo."  Bronze.  France.

Jacques LeBescond.  "Philae."  Bronze.  French.

Victor Vasarely.  "Two Op Art Paintings."  Gustavo Velez.  "Sculpture."  Colombia.

Gustavo Velez. "Stainless Steel Sculpture."   Colombia.

Pablo Picasso.  "Two Blown Glass Heads."

Gil Cenazandotti.  "Red Baboon."  Corsica, Italy.   Pop Art.
Cenazandotti is keenly aware of environmental degradation and the accumulation of trash.
This figure, and the next, are made entirely of materials thrown into the ocean and lost
at sea and then retrieved from the sea.  "Retrieved, recycled, reimagined' is his motto.
Huge islands of plastic junk float all over the ocean.  He finds these on the shores
of his home island.

Gil Cenazandotti.  "Spotted Leopard."  Corsica, Italy.
Entirely made of trash thrown into the sea and retrieved, recycled, and reimagined.
This stuff washes up on the shores of Corsica continuously.

Mr. Brainwash.  "Charlie and Al."  French / American.
"Mr. Brainwash" is former famous French filmmaker turned street artist, Thierry Guetta.
Scenes like this have often been painted on bare walls or building sites.  He here
creates the entire setting to be placed in a gallery.  It is meant to be humorous.

Nathalie Boissonault.  "When Dreams Become Reality."  Quebec, Canada.