Thursday, February 15, 2018

Palm Beach Modern

This is only the second year for the Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary Art show.
But it is excellent;  This is the view out the front, with a Gino Miles twisted stainless
steel sculpture.  It is perfectly balanced and rotates on a small bolt.

Andy Warhol. "Bald Eagle"  silkscreen 1983.
From the "Endangered Species" series.

Manolo Valdes.  "Caballero."  Carved wood.  Spain.

Manolo Valdes.  "Queen Mariana" and "Infanta Margarita."  Bronze.  Spain.
Both figures are based on images in paintings by Diego Velasquez.
This is the booth of Opera Gallery, a very fine dealer.

Manolo Valdes.  "Blue Butterflies."  Steel.  Spain.

Amadeo Modigliani.  "Head."  Italian.   c. 1920

Pino Manos.  "Orange Synchromy."  Pleated canvas.  2017
Light and shadows play across the surface and change constantly.

Pino Manos.  "Cobalt Blue Synchromy."  Pleated Canvas  2009.

Tom Wesselmann.  "Bedroom Series #37."  U.S. Pop Art

Mauro Corda.  "Contortionist in a Ring."  "Nickled Bronze."  2017

Robert Longo.  "Lucas."  U.S.  photo

Georg Baselitz.  "Peasant Petitioners Meeting Lenin."  1999  German

John Helton.  "Dynamic Rhythm."  2017  Bronze.

Keith Haring.  "Untitled."  U.S.  Marker on fiberboard.  Graffiti Art.

Marc Chagall.  "Quai de la Tournelle."  1960  litho  Franco-Russian

Alexander Calder.  "Yellow Shock Absorber."  U.S.

Pablo Picasso.  "Head of a Young Woman."  litho  1947  French/Spanish

Joan Miro.  "The Convict.  Litho on fabric.  1960  Spanish

Lucien Freud.  "Naked Man on a Bed."  Etching 1987.  English

Gugger Petter.  "Female Head."  Strips of newspaper tied with hemp.  Danish.

Roy Lichtenstein.  "The Red Lamp."  U.S.  Pop Art

Marc Chagall.  "Bouquet of Paris."  1954  litho  Franco-Russian

Sheryl Zacharia.  "Ceramic Piece."  Santa Fe, NM

Sheryl Zacharia.  "Ceramic Piece."  Santa Fe, NM.

Avital Sheffer.  "Sentinel V" and "Sentinel VI."  Israeli-Australian.
She creates hand built vessels with calligraphic decoration informed by her
Middle-Eastern and Jewish heritage.

Clare Belfrage.  "Quiet Shifting."  Blown glass.

Dain.  "Woman with Roses."  Graffiti Art.
He has a large mural in Wynwood, Miami, with a similar image.

John Giorno.  "We Gave a Party . . ."  U.S. Poet and Graffiti Artist.

John Giorno.  "Life is a Killer."  U.S. Poet and Graffiti Artist.

Keizo Sugitani.  "Untitled."  Ceramic  Japan  2017
This is one of the pieces from the Yufugu Gallery in Tokyo.

Sophie Ryder.  "Rising."  2016   Resin.  English.

Boaz Vaadia.  "Shaalom."  Bronze.  Israeli-American.
Boaz worked in stone creating images which look as if they have been weathered by
centuries of water and wind, and then cast them in bronze.  He died last year.
He worked in Brooklyn.

Sachi Fujikake.  "Untitled."  Blown White Glass."  Japan.
Ms Fujikake is another of the exceptional Japanese craftspeople who work with the
Fujuku Gallery in Japan.  She began with sheets of glass, which she fused into
containers and then blew into and expanded.

Robert Mapplethorpe.  "Jack in the Pulpit."  U.S.  Photo.

Jeff Koons.  "Blue Balloon Dog."  Porcelain.  $14,000.  
Koons first created the balloon dog out of stainless steel and twelve feet high, in
five different colors.  It was so popular that he has reproduced the image on a small
scale in porcelain.  One of the original dogs has sold for $15 million at auction.
It is made in Limoges, France, in a limited edition of 2,300.

Jeff Koons.  "Balloon Swan."  Porcelain.  U.S.  It comes in five colors.
Made in Limoges, France, in a limited edition of 2300.  Some sell for $29,000.

Jeff Koons.  "Red Balloon Rabbit."  Porcelain.  It comes in five colors.
Made in Limoges, France, in a limited edition of 2300.  These were introduced
at Art Basel in Miami in 2016.

Osamu Yokoyama.  "Untitled."  Woven Bamboo.  Tokyo.  Fujuku Gallery.


Palm Beach Modern 2

William Barbosa.  "Red Arch."  Colombia / Venezuela.  Aluminum.

Eric Forstmann.  "Venus Dimato." Super-realism.

Andy Warhol.  "Superman." Silkscreen.

Robert Cottingham.  "Oasis."  Photo-Realism.

Katherine Bernhardt.  "Merengue."  Silkscreen.

Al Held.  "Scholes."  Op Art.

Jason Seife.  "Sundown Syndrome / Persian Carpet."
This is an oil painting, made so meticulously it looks like a rug.

Chuck Close.  "Phil."  Silk tapestry.  Photo-Realism.

Daniel Samper.  "Losange Jaune" and "Losange Bleu."  Steel on magnet.  France.
Each piece of metal is separate and sticks to the back by magnet.

Daniel Samper.  "Losange Jaune."  Steel strips on magnets.  France

Cracked Art.  "Meerkats."  Recycled plastic.  Group of artists in Miami,
who are concerned about the environment.  They gather the discarded plastic which
they find floating in the ocean and recycle it as animals.

Speedy Graphito.  "Chamboule Tout."  2017    French.
He is a French graphic artist, much in demand for his work in advertising campaigns.
He is extremely popular in Europe and works in Paris.

Speedy Graphito.  "Donald" and "Basketball Head."  France
Hie works are based on Pop imagery which everyone around the world can recognize,
from both advertising and the world of fine arts.

Speedy Graphito.  "Love is a Dance."  French

Marino de Teana.  "Homage to Science."  Bronze.

Fernando Botero.  "Little Horse."  Bronze.  Colombia.

Robert Indiana.  "HOPE."  Aluminum.  U.S.

Philippe Hiquily.  "Standing Figure."  France.  Bronze.

Philippe Hiquily.  "Standing Figure."  Bronze.  France.

Carmel Ilan.  "Ballot."  Hi Resolution Digital Image.  Israeli.
These are hundreds of pages from books, which have been torn and folded, then
stood on edge, glued together, and photoraphed.

Carmel Ilan.  Hi Res Digital Image.  Israeli.
Book pages, torn and folded, stood upright, glued, and photographed.

Tolla  Inbar.  "The Sky is the Limit."  Israeli.

Francois du Plessis.  "Goya."  Pressed Books.  French.
These are all fragments of books, which have had the edges of the pages colored.

Francois du Plessis.  "Goya."  Pressed Books close-up.
They are sliced, tightly compressed in a vise, glued, and formed.

Stefan Gross.  "Salad."  Plastic heated and formed.  German.

Stefan Gross.  "Bloomers."  Plastic heated and shaped.  German.

Stefan Gross.  "Bloomers."  Close-up.

Ms Michael West.  "Poetic Structure."  1964  Ab Exp
She was one of the founders of Abstract Expressionism, along with
Pollock and De Kooning, but used a man's name because women
were not recognized.  Only recently have her paintings been
seen and recognized.

Willem de Kooning.  "Untitled."  1989  Ab Exp

Sonia Delaunay.  "Rhythme."  1949  French.

Eric Fischl.  "Female Figure."  Glass.  U.S.

Eric Fischl.  "Handstand."  Mylar collage.
The figures are painted on mylar, cut out and pasted on a cardboard backing.

Eric Fischl.  "Beach Scene."  Mylar collage.  U.S.

Tony Fitzpatrick.  "Chicago Monster."  Resin.  U.S.

Tony Fitzpatrick.  "Gramercy Park Bird."  Mixed Media.

Sipho Mabona.  "Folded Gold and White Paper."   Switzerland. 4 ft x 8 ft
His parents are from Africa.  As a child, he enjoyed playing with origami.  He became
perhaps the greatest origami artist in the world, and then began working on a large scale.
These sheets, if folded properly, would make frogs, angels, and whales.

Sipho Mabona.  "Gold and White Origami."  Switzerland.

Sipho Mabone.  "Gold Paper Origami."  Switzerland.
The dealer would not reveal what form this sheet would take in origami.  To find it,
you have to destroy the artwork.

Sipho Mabona.  "Yellow Paper Origami."  Switzderland.

Sipho Mabona.   "Gold Paper Origami."   Switzerland.